The older we get the more beautiful we grow

Butterflies Ltd is non for profit business providing dance sessions and activities for disabled and disadvantages children and Adults.

We run  a

  • Weekly Play group,
  • Coffee and Dance morning for over 50’s focusing on dementia,
  • A Dance and Disco for young adults,
  • Silver Tea Dance focusing on Dementia
  • A seated exercise class with zumba plate session for those who need to exercise siting down
  • and more ……………………………………..

For more information ring

  • Managing Director Janet lee Chapman on 07940088776
  • Butterflies Activity co-ordinator on 0793 5980001

Janet …… As a deaf person I fight with depression and the loneliness it brings everyday, If it was not for my dancing family and the escape movement and dance brings from my internal fears and thoughts I don’t know how I would cope.

When I first became deaf it was my dance coach, mentor, and special friend Eric Lashbrooke who gilded me and encouraged me to continue in my quest to become a fellow of the UKA and it is the memories of his words that help me to be the person I am.

I hope that through my work I can be a mentor and friend to many who need one just like he was to me when I needed one xxx JAN

Following our amazing fund raising drive to make our studio more disabled friendly we are opening our butterflies initiative.

Bertie and Bertha Butterfly playroom will be running caterpillar sessions for all pre-school children but focusing on Children with disabilities, and Janet will be running classes to make all children disability aware. They will be able to take awards for taking part in charity events and classes on disability awareness.

Golden Butterflies – JLC Dance will be running classes for older children and for adults open to all but focusing on disability providing the chance to dance in a secure space.

Purple Butterflies – Dance and Disco because dance is great for mental health

Silver Tea Dance – JLC Dance will be running sessions are for all dancers but focusing on dementia and endorsed by Anne Nolan Alzheimer’s & Dementia Ambassador aiming to provide a great space for dementia sufferers to come and dance with out feeling insecure.

and More……

Thought these classes are provided for children and adults with disabilities and price is subsidised. We do not exclude anyone from any class so please just come along if you would like more information ring 01253 69 33 50.

Silver Dancers on the move 2010-2017 —- If you would like us to visit your Residential Home it costs between £20 -£40 (we provide this at cost) We bring our own speaker and music and our trained dancers use music that will bring back memories combined with movement through performance and participation that can engage dementia participants enabling them to feel like themselves again, to converse, socialise and stay present, will motivate your clients with lively update and nostalgic music to get their toes tapping and the hands clapping.

See Sessions page or email butterfliesdanceltd@gmail.com